Make Brushing Fun

We believe teeth-brushing can be more interesting.
Flipper owl

Encouraging Good Brushing Habits

With our wide-eyed 1 minute timer, brushing is exciting and a whole lot more fun.


Shield your razor from splashes so it can stay sharp & clean.

Why Do You Need a Flipper Toothbrush Cover?

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Flipper Owl Smarty
Flipper Owl Smarty. Rotate twice for 2 minute brushing!
Flipper Owl Smarty. Encourage good brushing habits
Flipper Owl Smarty. Made from 100% non-toxic &  BPA Free
Flipper Owl Collection. Shop now at Flipper Australia Online Store!
Flipper Owl - Smarty
Flipper Owl - Smarty

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FLipper Owl Smarty

Brushing has never been this exciting and a whole lot more fun with our Flipper Owl Smarty. With a built-in sand timer, track your child's brush with a simple turn!

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